Phoenix K-Laser For Pain Management

Why you should choose K-laser treatment today!

Modern laser therapy is built upon a solid foundation of more than thirty years of European research and development, and is recognized as a safe and effective treatment choice, with a proven track record for a wide variety of conditions.

At Phoenix laser treatment center we utilize the advanced technology of Class 4 laser therapy from K-Laser USA and we can absolutely help relieve your pain without the use of drugs or surgery and without harmful side-effects.

Early therapy lasers were too weak to effectively treat deep conditions and large joints. K-Laser achieves faster and more effective results than other modalities and it is available to you today and all at very affordable prices.

Phoenix laser treatment center has been using K-Laser in our office since 2004 when the FDA cleared K-laser to be used as a viable laser treatment and we have been using it on our patients ever since. Our doctors and clinicians all agree that in the last twelve years and the K laser has real a “game changer” for them but more importantly for you the patient.

Early in the twentieth century, Albert Einstein developed a theory of lasers. And the first laser was invented in 1960. Soon after, scientists discovered that therapeutic doses of laser light, could stimulate the body’s healing processes. Over 2,000 scientific and medical research papers had been published on the beneficial effects of laser therapy, accelerated injury healing, and pain relief. Extensive clinical without a doubt demonstrates that laser therapy delivers pain relief and enhanced injury healing.

Our patients are getting better faster, and they are referring friends and family to our office specifically for K laser treatment. Just about everyone who has our K-laser treatment tells us that their treatment feels very good, slightly warm but very soothing, and they can’t believe how effective it is.

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