Our Feel Good Guarantee!

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Who Else Wants A 100% Money Back Guarantee on their Laser Treatment?

We guarantee that if your K-laser treatment at is at all uncomfortable and if it is not the most relaxing treatment you have ever had… we will give you your money back!

No Questions Asked!

Our “Warm” Class 4 K-Laser penetrates deeper to give you super-fast and super-comfortable treatments. This translates to positive physiological outcomes for your condition that include advanced pain relief, accelerated healing, increased cellular energy levels, improved range of motion, improved function and reduction of inflammation, all while a warm sensation is felt over the area of concern.

At Phoenix Laser Treatment we deploy K-Laser on both acute and chronic conditions. We use it for bruises, we use it on tendonitis, arthritis, especially after a contusion, we ice, and then laser, and the results are quicker and more comfortable than other types of traditional treatment.

The wave lengths employed by K-Laser are specialized and fine-tuned to deliver the most effective laser treatments to your area of concern. Therapeutic photons penetrate deep into your tissue giving a very comfortable warm feeling which stimulates blood flow and increases the amount of oxygen available for the cells.

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