How Much?

Pain management is an absolute benefit of the K-laser treatment. Our Patients suffering from neuromuscular issues achieve relief from discomfort after4 or 5 sessions of K-laser care and more chronic conditions take between 6 and 12 visits. More often than not pain relief is experienced directly after the first session, with the additional sessions completely eliminating the difficulty. The nerve cells that carry the agony messages to the brain are blocked. The treatment acts as an analgesic and create the production of agony slaughtering endorphins.

The best part about the K-Laser therapy is that it is free of any side effects. In addition, it is non addictive too. The doctors at Phoenix Laser clinic are professional and certificated practitioners, the K-laser treatment produces no side-effects.

Laser treatment is not a covered benefit for all insurances and since we look to you for payment we offer payment programs and discounts for purchasing one of our Laser packages.

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